“At Renaissance, we routinely call people to find their life, value and belonging from God’s word, but have struggled to get people into a rhythm of scripture reading that was beneficial. Most reading plans were just that, plans. Our people, myself included, would do them for a few weeks or months and abandon it after feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. We were looking for something that hit the heart, not the head. I got introduced to The CBR Journal and it’s blown the doors off of my personal life and our community reading. I routinely get testimonies of people in our church of how The CBR Journal has transformed their time with God, and it’s changing our community. People that never previously engaged with God daily are finding life in Scripture through CBR. More importantly, The CBR Journal has become the way I start my days even though for years I personally struggled to read outside of what I read to preach. I keep doing it because it’s one of the best tools I’ve ever used to engage the gospel in my personal walk.”

Lead Pastor, Renaissance NYC


“I have been using The CBR Journal and sharing it with many people for over two years. I am constantly amazed at how people at all levels seem to be blessed by it. I have seen unbelievers become believers doing CBR.  I have seen pastors learn to enjoy the depths of the Gospel more through CBR.  I have seen intellectuals take to it and I have seen children dig deeper into Jesus through CBR. This simple tool has become a joy for the members of our church plant in Mumbai. Needless to say, my wife and I enjoy feasting on Jesus through The CBR Journal every morning.”

Church Planter, NewCity Mumbai


“I’ve never been consistent at personal devotions. I can study to preach and teach—and often the passage will go deep into my soul—but I’ve never found a regular pattern of reading the Bible and prayer that was sustainable. Also, I’ve struggled to find a consistent way to read the Bible and discuss it with my wife.  That changed when we started using The CBR Journal.  My personal Bible reading and prayer times were more consistent last year than any other time in my life. My wife and I are talking about the Scriptures more consistently and intentionally than we have before. I’m finding daily encouragement from a daily engagement with God’s Word in a way I haven’t before. I believe so much in CBR, I buy and give The CBR Journal to every pastor and church planter I work with through the Leaders Collective.”

Founder and President, Leaders Collective


“No Bible study or devotional has benefited my intimacy with and enjoyment of God quite like The CBR Journal has. I’ve always benefited from the inductive study method and will continue to do so. However, by itself my soul always felt a bit unsatisfied. By contrast I would describe my engagement with the Bible using The CBR Journal as “soul-satisfying”. CBR has taught me to listen to God as He speaks through His Word and then respond in prayer. The best thing is that you don’t have to be an academic to thrive in CBR. You don’t need a four hour lecture and hours of application to figure out all the study tips and tricks. It is a relational approach to a relational God who loves to have conversations with His kids.”

Pastor, One Harbor Church


“We’re so grateful that this tool was passed along to our church.  We are using The CBR Journal in the discipleship process of our members. Many of our members are walking with God daily and sharing the truth with others everyday because of CBR. I too am growing in my faith as I enjoy The CBR Journal and lead others in it.”

Pastor, Dwarka Community Church (Delhi)


“As a church planter, my natural relationship with the Bible was to study it, but The CBR Journal has helped me focus on intimacy with God, revitalising my walk with God.”

Church Planter, Redeemer (Delhi)


“As a pastor and a follower of Christ one of my biggest areas of consistent struggle has been my inconsistent daily devotion. For years I teetered on the edge of burnout because I was lacking the discipline necessary to energize my faith. I tried different Bible reading programs. Some lasted longer than others. Eventually though, they all felt burdensome. My motivation would always wane and my hopes were crushed under the legalistic expectations I placed upon myself. When our church begin participating in CBR, I noticed an immediate difference not only in my own heart, but our entire community. Thanks to The CBR Journal, our leadership team is ministering from robust personal devotions, and our church is literally on the same page together daily. It’s been beautifully unifying and has led to so much health. ”

Pastor, NewCity San Diego

Eric Kapur

The CBR journal has given our church a simple, accessible and transferrable tool to teach our people the difference between reading the Bible for information and encountering God’s Living Word for transformation.  The CBR journal has helped our church overcome the three biggest obstacles to regular transformational Bible reading – 1) not having a plan 2) trying to do it alone and 3) getting bored or stuck with an informational approach to the Bible. It’s reinvigorated a delight in the Scriptures!”

Pastor, Redeemer San Diego



“What’s fascinating to me about The CBR Journal is the ease with which one can spend time with the Lord without great preparation and numerous resources at hand.  I’m thrilled to watch the Living and Active Word at work in my family and among the Konda Tribal pastors through The CBR Journal.  Based on the success of our translation of The CBR Journal for Konda pastors, we’re working on providing The CBR Journal to other minority languages in India.  Personally speaking, it’s so encouraging to have our son (13 years old) and our daughter (11 years) email us with their reflections every day as we share with them our thoughts on the CBR Passages.”

Kinda Dora, India