Community Bible Reading (CBR) was launched at Trinity Presbyterian Church by The Spiritual Dynamics Team in 2006. In addition to CBR Participants becoming more Biblically Literate, the hope has always been that participants would enjoy increased Spiritual Intimacy with Jesus and their Gospel Community.

In the early days of the Initiative, a CBR Journaling Worksheet was created to help participants avoid the most common “roadblocks” in their journey towards Biblical Literacy and Spiritual Intimacy through Daily Bible Reading. The most common “Roadblocks” are confusion, boredom, shame and legalism.

In 2012, NewCity Orlando (a daughter church of TPC) created The CBR Journal with a Two Chapter a Day Reading Schedule, A Journaling Guide that taught participants how to “Pray through their Pen”, and enough Journaling Worksheets for a year. Throughout the last five years, demand for The CBR Journal has grown exclusively through word of mouth and life on life discipleship. In 2014, NewCity Orlando began to provide the “soft copy” of The CBR Journal to other Churches and Church Planting Movements around the world.

While only 500 journals were printed in 2012, we believe that there will be well over 10,000 CBR Participants by the end of 2016. There are at least two reasons why it’s impossible to know exactly how many Journals are being printed and how many participants are enjoying CBR. First we give away…and encourage others to give away…the “soft copy” of the CBR Journal (in multiple languages) outside the US. And Second, CBR is literally Community Bible “Listening” in certain parts of India where the participants live in an auditory culture and are not yet able to read.


As we steward and support the Viral Growth of The CBR Journal, we’re hearing countless stories of…

• Believers experiencing Christianity as a relationship with Jesus and not a just a theology about Jesus

• Married couples experiencing more intimacy in every realm as they enjoy spiritual intimacy like never before

• Spiritual seekers being converted as they enter into a gospel community that utilizes The CBR Journal


At the start of 2016, Ted Sinn resigned from his role as the Lead Pastor of NewCity Orlando in order to, in part, steward the Viral Growth of The CBR Journal. Ted is…co-laboring with the other leaders of The CBR Journal…creating resources for CBR Advocates to use as they support the spread of The CBR Journal in their region…and frequently visiting our Partner Churches to assist them in their efforts to permeate their community with The CBR Journal.